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2021 Special Olympics Oregon Summer Virtual Games

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Season Concluded July 30th

The 2021 Summer Virtual Games season has concluded.


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ATHLETE REGISTRATION IS CLOSED Questions »  Coaching opportunities available.


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Choose your sport and start training today. Go for your personal best and then submit your scores between July 12-18, 2021.

How Do The 2021 Summer Virtual Games Work?

Once you have signed up and selected your sports and events, Special Olympics Oregon will connect you with a trained coach. Your coach will ensure that you understand how to perform each event by:

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  • Connecting with you personally throughout the season via phone calls or conference calls
  • Sharing training & rule guides demonstration videos
  • Connecting you with other athletes in your events
  • Connecting you with online training via SOOR Active
  • Support you in submitting your scoresheets

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Will you be awarding medals?

Commemorative medals will be awarded to all participants.

What if I don’t have all the equipment needed?

No problem. Your coach will support you in modifying equipment. For example, you can use a club or bat for golf putting.

Do I need a current medical form?

We will not be requiring a medical form for the virtual games, however we encourage you to get consent from your doctor before participating in Special Olympics events.

What if I get injured during virtual participation?

Let your coach know and they will support you in completing an incident form.

Is there an age limit to sign up as an athlete or Unified partner?

An athlete or Unified partner must be 8 years or older to participate.

Can I practice and/or compete in-person with my coach and teammates?

NO, in-person participation is not allowed.

How do I become a coach?

You can find the 2021 SOOR Summer Virtual Season Coach Job Description & Step by Step Instruction here.

Can I be an event volunteer?

You can find the Virtual Event Volunteer options here. You can create encouraging videos, be virtual fans in the stands, be a social media advocate, or make cheer cards.

When will I first hear from my coach?

You should hear from your coach starting the week of May 31 - June 6,2021.

What Sports Are Offered

You may compete in up to 3 of the following sports.

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You can enter up to 3 individual events and 1 Unified event

  • 25m Manual Wheelchair
  • 25m Motorized WC Obstacle
  • 50m Run/Walk/Roll
  • 100m Run/Walk/Roll
  • Standing Long Jump
  • Tennis Ball Throw
  • Wheelchair Tennis Ball Throw
  • 1-mile Run/Walk/Roll
  • 5k Run/Walk/Roll
  • 5k Unified Run/Walk/Roll (combined time of 1 athlete + 1 partner)
  • 1-mile Unified Run/Walk/Roll


You can enter up to 2 individual skills and 1 course event

  • Short Putt Individual Skills
  • Long Putt – Individual Skills
  • 9-hole - Individual Course Play
  • 18-hole- Individual Course Play
  • 9-hole - Unified Pair Course Play
  • 18-hole - Unified Pair Course Play


You can enter both events

  • Individual Fitness (5 Exercises)
  • Unified Team Fitness (combined score of 1 athlete + 1 partner)
  • Fitness as a Sport Exercises will include:
    • Side to Side Twist
    • Upright Row
    • Field Goal Chest Press
    • Frog Squat
    • Burpees


You can enter up to 3 individual skills and 1 Unified event

  • Dribbling
  • Shooting
  • Passing
  • Juggling - Individual
  • Juggling - Unified Pairs



Select your sports below to view or print out SCORECARDS:

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Select your sports below to view or print out VIRTUAL RULES AND GUIDELINES + other sport resources:

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Support the Athletes

Here are a few ways you can get involved to support the athletes and the 2021 Summer Virtual Games!

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Join the FUN!

Support and encourage athletes during the Summer Virtual Games.


Volunteer to cheer! Submit a video to cheer on the athletes by using #SOORvirtualgames or posting to SOOR Active.



Don’t sit on the sidelines. Your donation enables us to continue to provide much-needed at-home fitness and health programs, mental health support and community building.